Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

While pincrastinating (read more about it here) yesterday, I came across this amazing recipe for vanilla chai cupcakes. Every now and then I get a real hankering for cupcakes. But I get tired of boring old regular cupcakes. After seeing the success of Amanda over at Clark Pharms in all her cupcake baking glory, I figured I’d give it a shot and see how some fancy cupcakes turned out for me. But seriously – if you are looking for some great cupcake recipes or to just be inspired by her creativity and amazing photos – check out Amanda. She’s done everything from Strawberry Raspberry Filled Cupcakes, to Blackberry Gingerbread Cupcakes, Triple Chocolate Molten Cupcakes, and she makes amazing cake pops! I think she should start a bakery/photo studio.

Here is my cupcake pinspiration –

Vanilla Chai Cupcake Recipe

Vanilla Chai Cupcake Recipe - Click Here

I can’t seem to figure out where the “original” recipe came from. It’s listed on so many blogs but never credited to anyone and they all use the same recipe.

But because I’m lazy (and I didn’t have much time), I tweaked the recipe. So here is MY original Vanilla Chai Cupcake Recipe.

WARNING: These cupcakes have the potential to change your life. They are THAT good.


And this is what you get:

Erin's Vanilla Chai Cupcake Recipe

Erin's Vanilla Chai Cupcake Recipe


Don’t even second guess yourself – you should DEFINITELY make these this weekend. Ah-mazing!


And just in time to celebrate this guys 31st birthday!

Happy Birthday, Seth!



4 thoughts on “Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

  1. Fabulous job on the cupcakes! They look amazing 🙂 Be careful…that cupcake baking can get addicting…especially with a little help from pinterest! Lol…love your blog!

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