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Gypsy’s and Headboards

Gypsy’s and Headboards

When it’s 100 degrees outside, what’s a DIY girl to do? Head to the basement and build a headboard, of course! And the gypsy’s? Yeah, cable is the devil. I totally got sucked into My Big American Gypsy Wedding. Dumb. But addicting My names is Erin. And I watched dumb TV while DIYing my headboard. … Continue reading

The Chair – Before and After

The Chair – Before and After

Bad blogger am I. This is the only “before” photo I can find of my $12 Goodwill chair. But – here she is now!     And I just love her! It just makes my heart so giddy to see her sitting in my living room. And I really wish that she would have had … Continue reading


Have you ever noticed the insane amount of staples that manufacturers use on things like chairs? Probably not, unless you’ve tried to bring an old chair back to life with new fabric. That’s the case with my $12 goodwill chair that has been sitting in the corner of the garage for several months. Last night … Continue reading

To Distress or Not to Distress

It must be summer, because I’ve been super lazy in my posting the past few weeks! And not for lack of material. I still need to share my marathon photos, our recent marathon celebration and all the fun decorations and food that I made, and some other home improvement progress. But today I have a … Continue reading

Dresser Reveal

Wow. This is my first real reveal. Remember way back when, when I found this little lovely on craigslist? And remember when I had no idea what I wanted to do with it? And I looked for inspiration here? I finally figured out my inspiration for the piece and got to work.  It went from … Continue reading

Furniture Refinishing Advice

You may remember several months ago I found this little gem on craigslist. After some sanding, this is what she looks like. Obviously, I need to replace the hardware, as well. And now I have to decide what to do with her before Seth will let me start on my new acquisition.  So what should … Continue reading

Craigslist Find

Looky what I found this weekend – on Craigslist! For $40!And the best part was the lovely woman that I bought it from. She lived in this amaze-balls home on the side of the mountain in Morrison, Colorado. You know – where Red Rocks is? Yeah, awesome. Her house was gorgeous. And this little diddy … Continue reading

Girls and Power Tools

If you haven’t already stumbled across Ana White’s blog, you should really check her out. She is AMAZING. Last fall I made this: Which looks like this now. And I did it all. by. myself. (Mostly because Seth would have never let me use power tools alone! But what happens while he’s at work, well, … Continue reading


I found this great blog and it empowers me to see women doing these amazing things! Back in September I “built” a headboard for our guest bedroom. And I have to admit, it is fabulous! The best part was the expression on S’s face when he got home from work and found me in the … Continue reading