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Couples Photos

I don’t think I ever mentioned that we finally got our professional photos taken. This has been on my wish list for the past three years. We never had professional engagement or even wedding photos taken. I just wanted something semi-good looking that we could hang in the house and give as gifts. So this … Continue reading

Productive and Intentional

Sometimes I have a hard time focusing in on what needs to be done. I’d rather clean the house than do something on my to-do list, or waste an hour on pinterest than write a report for work. A friend of my posted this article from Fast Company on a social media site – and … Continue reading

2013 – Ready or Not, Here I Come!

My SIL asked me the other day if Seth and I were going to make any resolutions this year. I think this is the first year that I haven’t really thought about it. I’m not sure I have any real resolutions. Goals and intentions, yes. But resolutions sound so stodgy and strict and formal. I … Continue reading



The other night I woke up at 3am and couldn’t fall back asleep. Earlier in the day our money club had met and shared our “perfect day,” I commented that my perfect day was basically my typical day. A 3-4 mile run, a productive day at work, and an evening with Seth and the girls, … Continue reading

Summer Fun List

I love summer! I especially love this time of year because there is so much POSSIBILITY of fun and adventure in the next few months! So here’s my list of summer fun activities that I want to do to relish the wonderfulness of summer. make smores on the fire pit plant flowers and veggies in … Continue reading

I said no, so that I could say yes

I said no, so that I could say yes

This week I said no. No to a major time commitment that subconciously had me stressing out. The last few months have been rough – busy, no time, no rest, feeling overwhelmed and acting out accordingly. So I said no. And decided that taking that 4 hour class every week wasn’t necessary right now. And … Continue reading

Tryin…to find…

Motivation. for anything getting out of bed fixing my hair getting to the office before noon to answer emails and phone calls it’s just not happening today. I’d rather be doing this.