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The trials and tribulations of renovating

The trials and tribulations of renovating

It’s always something! We’ve been doing this long enough to know that nothing ever goes smoothly. We know that we will almost always be over budget on at least a few things and that things will almost always take longer than expected, but this is getting ridiculous! We’ve had a few issues with the quality … Continue reading

Serious Inspiration

You may remember me talking about my beloved sister in law. She’s pretty awesome. Well, they all are – but this SIL and I share a kindred spirit of DIY, refinishing furniture and some thrifting for the home. (We also share books, recipes and silly stories on a frequent basis!) Sadly, the SIL lives 600 … Continue reading

The Chair – Before and After

The Chair – Before and After

Bad blogger am I. This is the only “before” photo I can find of my $12 Goodwill chair. But – here she is now!     And I just love her! It just makes my heart so giddy to see her sitting in my living room. And I really wish that she would have had … Continue reading

Cardigans and pinterest inspiration

It’s beginning to feel like fall in the Rocky Mountains. Well, actually, there’s SNOW in the mountains. But here in Denver we still have nice warm 70 degree days. With cooler mornings and evenings, though, it means lots of layering. Which means….CARDIGANS! (“No, it’s a pullover.” Two points if you get the movie reference!) A … Continue reading


Have you ever noticed the insane amount of staples that manufacturers use on things like chairs? Probably not, unless you’ve tried to bring an old chair back to life with new fabric. That’s the case with my $12 goodwill chair that has been sitting in the corner of the garage for several months. Last night … Continue reading

Sister-in-laws are the coolest

Whoopsies – someone’s taken a blogging break! It’s been a busy month here for us. I was making great progress on my bathroom remodel (you can read about it here, here and here) and then we had these guys come to visit – Can you believe how big they are getting?! Look at that sharp … Continue reading