It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the blog on our progress. Progress has happened, but it just doesn’t “look” much different.


Hardwoods are in and finished – and gorgeous!

IMG_1044 IMG_1030 IMG_1029 IMG_1028

We took down the back fence and put up a new one that won’t fall over on us.



We were so grateful to again have my brother around to help us dig out the 12 posts for the back fence line. We couldn’t have done it without him. And we finally got smart and rented the mother of all augers. And let me tell you, it was well worth the $80.


I grounded our outlets throughout much of the house and put new white outlets and covers on. A time consuming and easy task, but one that really makes me feel like we are making progress. Now I can’t wait to get the trim on to really make the rooms feel complete – but first, I need doors!

We ordered doors, cabinets and ceiling fans.

This week Seth is working on tiling the shower in the main bath. I’m finding that I’m overly optimistic in what we (and by we I mean Seth) can accomplish each day so I’m having to readjust my expectations and plans. Instead of getting the bathrooms done in a long weekend, it’s really going to take us quite a bit longer. Not sure why I thought we could crank them out so fast – especially when I reminisce of our master bath remodel at the Newport house! Let’s not talk about how long that took! (My count is about 6 months.)


Our next major project is assembling our cabinets and getting those installed before our countertop template gets made on September 12th. And then we will have a kitchen – nearly completed – by September 19th!

Fall is definitely in the air already here in Colorado and temperatures are dropping at night. Last night it was so chilly that we all had sweats on and blankets – even these girls!




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