A Year in Review: 2012

It’s time to look back on the year and all that we accomplished with the house and the new adventures we had. As a quick overview we:

  • had the trees professionally trimmed and fixed the irrigation system
  • remodeled two bathrooms
  • put a new color scheme in the master bedroom
  • removed a wall and added cabinets and countertops to the kitchen
  • added new curtains and new pillows throughout the house
  • built a king size bed and headboard
  • set up a 3rd guest bedroom in the basement


-was a quiet month of blogging, probably because we were so busy working on projects! Check out all the projects I did here.

mirrorIncluding the hand cut bathroom mirror frame


– My SIL had the idea to live in a barn. After seeing some inspiration photos, I actually loved the idea!

77546424803267534 253397916503271728And I made this lovely entry way table from Ana White


We started the remodel on the last bathroom in the house – the main bath.

Photo courtesy of google images

Photo courtesy of google images

I spent some time on pinterest and made these delicious vanilla chai cupcakes.

Vanilla Chai Cupcake Recipe


And we decided on our color scheme for the bathroom, bought tile and began painting.


I took an old Ikea rug and made it new – with some chevron print.



We took a vacation to warm sun and sandy beaches

IMG_3414We tried out several new recipes, including baked zucchini sticks and cauliflower mash and tater tots.

I hosted my sister in law’s baby shower

Arriving in early July!

Arriving in early July!

And I ran the Colfax 1/2 Marathon – my only long race of the year.


We started on the kitchen demolition – taking out a wall and creating more cabinet and countertop space.

Kitchen - In Progress, no wall

Kitchen – In Progress, no wall

We finished the bathroom project

the Reveal - Floors

the Reveal – Floors

I painted our bedroom gray twice in one day – two different shades. Because it’s so hard to find the perfect gray…

We welcomed our niece Audrey to the world – a few weeks earlier than planned!

I made some planter boxes and started planting some herbs, vegetables and some plants.


Worked on the kitchen, picked countertops and worked on the master bedroom. 

I painted the tile in our downstairs shower

Close up

Close up

I made a fabric headboard

and we had my favorite kiddos out for vacation fun!


August was a busy month – but not much blogging. We added new countertops to the kitchen.

We spent some time in the mountains to celebrate my birthday.


And I made a plan for a month of meals for September.


I  blogged about the details of my month of meals here.

I shared some of my favorite meal recipes here, including sweet potato gnocchi.


September and October were crazy busy – but we survived and I even managed to sew up a few new pillows for the living room.

We also went to visit my family in South Carolina and spent some quality time with the parents.

Boating with the family

Boating with the family


After a few crazy months I must have been exhausted because I only blogged once – and it was a recap of projects! 

But we did host my parents and both brothers and their wives for a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration!


We hosted another baby shower for some good friends.

We got our first snow of the season.

And I worked on several projects around the house during the holiday break.

Phew – what a year – and so great to put it all down so we can see all that we accomplished! Happy 2013!


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