The trials and tribulations of renovating

It’s always something! We’ve been doing this long enough to know that nothing ever goes smoothly. We know that we will almost always be over budget on at least a few things and that things will almost always take longer than expected, but this is getting ridiculous!

We’ve had a few issues with the quality of work on our drywall (Seth thinks he can see the seams in the ceiling), we ended up having to have a seam in our granite countertops which is NOT what we wanted, Seth doesn’t like the under cabinet lighting that our electrician put in and Home Depot has been a royal pain in the tush with wrong orders, poor customer service and a complete lack of knowledgable and competent staff. And did I mention that our fridge doesn’t really fit and we are missing a cabinet door for the kitchen. Oh, and the drywall in the main bath is proving to be a monster project to tackle.

I hit my breaking point last week. There was panic, there were tears, there were desperate calls to parents who are 1,000’s of miles across the country asking for help.

But I’ve calmed down. There is a fire under our pants to get this work done in the next 3 weeks. Yes – ideally we can have the major projects – you know, like a functional bathroom on the main level – done in less than a month. it will take every waking moment and lots of hard work, but Seth thinks we can do it. I’m praying we can do it. But if we don’t, well, I guess the world will keep spinning and we will finish it eventually, right?!

So what have we accomplished in the last month? Last time I updated we were in the middle of the floor installation as well as finishing the back fence line.

We now have the floors finished and they are gorgeous. I am so incredibly happy with how they turned out. By far the best investment we have made so far. IMG_1043

And we also now have furniture on the main level and in all the bedrooms. We sneakily convinced my brother to help us move. And man – we had a lot more stuff in that storage unit than I remember! Remind me to write a post about the simplicity of living a minimalist life for 6 months. It’s glorious – the less stuff, the less cleaning and organizing, the less waste and the happier we were!

But it is nice to have my furniture again!


The living room has a sofa, tables and chairs and shelves!

And the guest rooms are ready for visitors!



And the little one’s room actually has a rocker and dresser now!


Our entry way has tile (but we still need trim and to hang the closet doors)


We have kitchen cabinets (but need doors and drawers installed) and granite countertops just went in today!



And the main level bath has tile – but still needs a few tile pieces in the shower cubbie, drywall, and installing all the fixtures.


So where does that leave us? We have definitely made progress, but it still feels l like we have a marathon in front of us. Which leaves us all feeling like this:



So what’s left? Here is our significant to do list for the next 3 weeks:

Main Level

  • doors! Get them delivered hopefully SOON from HD and get them up. Having some privacy in the bathroom would be a luxury right now!
  • trim around all doors
  • baseboard trim
  • hang all sliding closet doors
  • lower cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen
  • trim work in the kitchen
  • backsplash in the kitchen – let’s be honest, this one isn’t happening for another few months! And I’m completely okay with that – definitely not a priority
  • cut and install window casing in kitchen
  • install railings on stairs
  • run cable to main level and bedroom


  • doors and trim
  • paint bathroom

Main Bath

  • drywall – ugh!
  • install light
  • grout shower
  • trim
  • vent
  • install all fixtures – sink, toilet, towel bar, shower head, shower curtain, etc
  • doors (again with the doors!)


  • take a guess? Yup – doors!
  • trim


  • garage door opener (yeah, among other things this decided to stop working)
  • put up the final beam in the living room
  • fix the door to the garage
  • epoxy the tub in the main bath
  • paint the floor in the laundry room
  • unpack our millions of boxes of crap!
  • fall lawn upkeep and garden clean up
  • clean up the side yard that is still storing all our old fencing – I’m sure our neighbors hate us!
  • and finally, clean and organize the garage once we are done using every single power tool we own on a nearly daily basis

We can do this! We can do this!


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