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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the blog on our progress. Progress has happened, but it just doesn’t “look” much different.   Hardwoods are in and finished – and gorgeous! We took down the back fence and put up a new one that won’t fall over on us. We were so grateful to … Continue reading

The First Month

We have officially owned the Steele St house for one month! Which means, it’s time to recap what we’ve done so far. And while it may feel like this project is taking forever, I think I’ll be quite amazed after listing out all that we’ve done! Week 1 – read more here Tore out kitchen … Continue reading

From Closing to Demo: Day 1

We had the closing on the Steele St house in the morning. It was also our 8 year wedding anniversary!  This is us here with our amazing realtor, Gwen Jasper. We seriously couldn’t have gotten through the buying/selling process without her and her amazing expertise and negotiating skills. AND – she drove two days from … Continue reading

The new neutral

The new neutral is gray. I’m in love with gray. It’s been a year long obsession, and I’ve been incorporating it into our house and I’m loving it!

Thanksgiving Decor

I spent a little bit of time last night putting out some Fall/Thanksgiving decor. And by some time, I mean, less than 10 minutes. How do you decorate for Thanksgiving / Fall?

Gypsy’s and Headboards

Gypsy’s and Headboards

When it’s 100 degrees outside, what’s a DIY girl to do? Head to the basement and build a headboard, of course! And the gypsy’s? Yeah, cable is the devil. I totally got sucked into My Big American Gypsy Wedding. Dumb. But addicting My names is Erin. And I watched dumb TV while DIYing my headboard. … Continue reading

Step Away from the Paint Brush

Step Away from the Paint Brush

I think this is what Seth is secretly thinking lately. You see, I have a problem. Or a few problems. I can’t make simple decisions – like what color to paint our bedroom. And, I actually like to paint. Translation: I’ve painted our bedroom twice in one day – two different colors. And I did … Continue reading

Bathroom #3 – Reveal

Bathroom #3 – Reveal

Project: Main Bathroom Remodel Date: June 29, 2009 Phase: Walk through before purchasing the house Date: March 7, 2012 Phase: Demolition   Date: April 15, 2012 Phase: The Reveal   And there you have it. Our third and final bathroom remodel!   Source List: Floor tile – Floor and Decor discount store Shower tile – … Continue reading

Kitchen Demolition

Recently Seth decided to take down a wall in our kitchen. I was fully supportive of the idea. In fact, we saw that our neighbor had done this in their house and that’s were we got the idea. So in the last few weeks we went from this: To this:   It definitely brings in … Continue reading