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Freedom from Money – Checkin #2

As we wrap up week two of our Freedom from Money challenge, I have a confession to make. I spent $9.17 yesterday. For my valentine. Because he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. And he loves beer. So I bought him some fancy shmancy Colorado microbrewed IPA. Because this is where it … Continue reading

Freedom from Money Checkin

Just checking in after 7 days of our Freedom from Money Challenge. How’s everyone doing? I’m mostly good, but I’ll admit I’ve had my moments of wanting to spend money. And then I STOP! Because I realize I don’t NEED to buy anything. I was just looking for entertainment.   So what have I been … Continue reading

Missing Money

You know the excitement that you get when you pull out your winter coat or an old pair of jeans and realize there’s a $20 bill in the pocket? You feel rich! Sadly, I think this only happened to me once and it was only a $5 bill, but still. It’s money I didn’t have … Continue reading

February – A No Spend Month

Have you read about these crazy people who don’t spend money for an entire month (here, here and here)? Sounds like craziness to me! So crazy in fact, that I think I want to try it. But this challenge doesn’t really seem like one that you can take on half-heartedly. It’s either no spending on … Continue reading

Favorite Meals and Recipes

Favorite Meals and Recipes

Our September calendar is FULL! When I sat down to do menu planning for the month I realized that we will only have about 15-20 dinners at home due to work schedules, events, work conferences and being out of town. Here is the list of our 15 favorite meals – with recipes – for September. … Continue reading

Meal Planning – Part 2

Meal Planning – Part 2

In my first meal planning post I walked through these steps: Checking the calendar for days that I needed meals – indicating which days I need quick, no prep meals I put together a list of my favorite meals and recipes I created my grocery list by going through my recipes for the meals I … Continue reading

Meal Planning

Meal Planning

I may have mentioned that I’m in a money group. A few ladies and I meet about once a month and our goal is to feel empowered when it comes to building our personal wealth. We talk about debt, credit ratings, IRA’s and Roth IRA’s, money market accounts, living wills, etc. Mostly we are all … Continue reading

Penny Pinchin’

I’m always amazed at how women are able to budget so well. I find that I think that I’m a good budgeter – until I find out that people like Emily over at Imperfect are able to budget $250 a month on grocery and not cheat! How is this possible, I ask?! Better question – … Continue reading

Always the unexpected

I know you aren’t supposed to use the words “always” and “never.” Because I don’t “always” wear my seatbelt – but almost always. And S doesn’t “never” switch out the empty toilet paper roll with a new one – just almost “never.” But I feel like I “always” try to budget well – and I … Continue reading


It’s my goal this month to save $350 IN ADDITION to my regular monthly savings. A lofty goal… We are almost 1/2 way through the month (I only get paid monthly, so it makes it easy to plan) and I may just be on track to make my goal. But that means no DIY projects … Continue reading