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The trials and tribulations of renovating

The trials and tribulations of renovating

It’s always something! We’ve been doing this long enough to know that nothing ever goes smoothly. We know that we will almost always be over budget on at least a few things and that things will almost always take longer than expected, but this is getting ridiculous! We’ve had a few issues with the quality … Continue reading

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the blog on our progress. Progress has happened, but it just doesn’t “look” much different.   Hardwoods are in and finished – and gorgeous! We took down the back fence and put up a new one that won’t fall over on us. We were so grateful to … Continue reading

The First Month

We have officially owned the Steele St house for one month! Which means, it’s time to recap what we’ve done so far. And while it may feel like this project is taking forever, I think I’ll be quite amazed after listing out all that we’ve done! Week 1 – read more here Tore out kitchen … Continue reading

From Closing to Demo: Day 1

We had the closing on the Steele St house in the morning. It was also our 8 year wedding anniversary!¬† This is us here with our amazing realtor, Gwen Jasper. We seriously couldn’t have gotten through the buying/selling process without her and her amazing expertise and negotiating skills. AND – she drove two days from … Continue reading

Gypsy’s and Headboards

Gypsy’s and Headboards

When it’s 100 degrees outside, what’s a DIY girl to do? Head to the basement and build a headboard, of course! And the gypsy’s? Yeah, cable is the devil. I totally got sucked into My Big American Gypsy Wedding. Dumb. But addicting My names is Erin. And I watched dumb TV while DIYing my headboard. … Continue reading

Painting Tile

More painting? Really, Erin, haven’t we already addressed that you have a painting problem? Well, let me share this fun little project – and yes, it sortof involves painting. I took on the task of remodeling our basement bathroom last winter (see here,¬†here, here and here). But I never quite tackled the shower since I … Continue reading

Changing My Mind

Dear Husband, Thank you for loving me – always. I love these home remodeling adventures that we are seemingly constantly on. It used to be stressful. Now it’s fun. I appreciate that we are more easygoing these days and we don’t stress out about making changes to our home. speaking of changes…. You must be … Continue reading

Ahh, shelves Yes my friends. That is a shelf. The shelf that I’ve been dreaming of to fit in the tiny space above our throne in the main bath. And for my lovely acceptance speech: I’d like to thank Lowe’s and the Allen & Roth collection for supporting ne and making this bathroom (almost) complete. Without … Continue reading

Blog Updates

Blog Updates

Just wanted to let you all know – I’ve added a new page to our little blog. It’s basically a little home tour with some great before and after shots of the work we’ve done. And we’ve done A LOT! Check it out by clicking on the “Our Home” link at the top of the … Continue reading

Kitchen Demolition

Recently Seth decided to take down a wall in our kitchen. I was fully supportive of the idea. In fact, we saw that our neighbor had done this in their house and that’s were we got the idea. So in the last few weeks we went from this: To this:   It definitely brings in … Continue reading