The Demo of Steele St. – and some progress

Sometimes I feel like the demolition will never end. Each day there is something new to tear out. And while walls come down quickly and often easily, there are tasks that seem so incredibly tedious! For example, the floors in the kitchen. The pergo floors came up super fast. The carpet underneath wasn’t too hard … Continue reading

From Closing to Demo: Day 1

We had the closing on the Steele St house in the morning. It was also our 8 year wedding anniversary!  This is us here with our amazing realtor, Gwen Jasper. We seriously couldn’t have gotten through the buying/selling process without her and her amazing expertise and negotiating skills. AND – she drove two days from … Continue reading

New Adventures

We are on to new adventures in the Dietrich household! Several new adventures in fact. The first being – we sold the Newport house and bought a new (to us) house! Apparently we were bored with a house that was completely renovated and updated and the market in Denver is beyond HOT so we put … Continue reading

Book of Lists – list 2

So, I sorta fell off the wagon with a few projects over the last few months. To say it’s been busy over here would be a slight understatement. To save my sanity, something had to give and it’s always these smaller projects. But the good news is that there is a light at the end … Continue reading

Freedom from Money – Checkin #2

As we wrap up week two of our Freedom from Money challenge, I have a confession to make. I spent $9.17 yesterday. For my valentine. Because he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. And he loves beer. So I bought him some fancy shmancy Colorado microbrewed IPA. Because this is where it … Continue reading

Freedom from Money Checkin

Just checking in after 7 days of our Freedom from Money Challenge. How’s everyone doing? I’m mostly good, but I’ll admit I’ve had my moments of wanting to spend money. And then I STOP! Because I realize I don’t NEED to buy anything. I was just looking for entertainment.   So what have I been … Continue reading


Happy weekend and happy Super Bowl. I’m spending my “Freedom from Money” weekend getting some much needed cleaning and organizing done. Including taking stock of my fridge and cupboards to see what we have and what meals I can put together. I stopped by the grocery store for some essentials including chicken, dairy, and fresh … Continue reading

Friday Letters

Dear Nose: I don’t know why you are so stuffy today. It makes me nervous. I really don’t want to get sick. Dear Week: You weren’t very nice, so I won’t be sad to see you end. Thank goodness it’s the weekend! Dear dry skin and cuticles: Ugh. Winter really dries you out. I’m trying … Continue reading

Missing Money

You know the excitement that you get when you pull out your winter coat or an old pair of jeans and realize there’s a $20 bill in the pocket? You feel rich! Sadly, I think this only happened to me once and it was only a $5 bill, but still. It’s money I didn’t have … Continue reading

February – A No Spend Month

Have you read about these crazy people who don’t spend money for an entire month (here, here and here)? Sounds like craziness to me! So crazy in fact, that I think I want to try it. But this challenge doesn’t really seem like one that you can take on half-heartedly. It’s either no spending on … Continue reading