We moved in!

We spent last weekend moving in to the house. While I’m thrilled to be at the house full time (easier to work on projects) and it’s so much easier on the dogs (opening the sliding glass door is WAY easier on all if us than heading down the elevator and trying to find a patch if grass), i do miss having a microwave and oven. Without a functioning kitchen we are reliant on our grill. So far we are fending quite well with scrambled eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken with green beans and bruschetta, and salmon with spinach and rice. I’m not sure who is more impressed with our meals in the grill, Seth or me!



We had a delay on the wood floors due to our installer having a family emergency. I’m hoping that they can still get started later this week. In the meantime, it gave Seth more time to tear out the entry way tile and for me to get the kitchen ceiling and walls painted.


Next up – probably replacing the back fence that is falling down. Gotta keep these puppies contained!



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