Fence, Drywall, and Windows

We had a busy weekend! We got a call from the window company asking if it would be okay if they installed the new windows on Saturday and Sunday. Would it be okay? It would be glorious!

Window Installation

So while the windows were being installed, we started work on the fence. Seth spent Friday removing some of the old fencing and putting up new planks on the front fence. Saturday we were lucky enough to have my brother, sister-in-law and our awesome 65 year old neighbor over to help take out the old fence posts and put in 10 new posts. Not an easy job! We got even luckier with the weather. The previous days had been in the 90’s but by Saturday the clouds were out and it was a nice high 70’s/low 80’s day.

Fence - Installation

Old fence pile

Tearing out the old fence and making a huge pile. Bon fire, anyone?

digging fence holes

Digging out the new post holes = not a fun job. posts

The boys finished pouring the concrete in the 10 new post holes just in time as it started to rain and get too dark to work.

posts and rails

The next day Seth and I put up the rails between each of the posts. Posts set in concrete and rails ready for pickets!

While the boys were pulling out old fence posts, Maria and I took down some trim. She’s pretty good with the crow bar!

Maria taking down trim

By Sunday evening we had new windows throughout the house, and the beginning of a new cedar fence!

New windows IMG_0825


And on Monday we had the drywallers out to patch up all our walls!

IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0850 IMG_0854


We are hoping the drywall in the basement will be taped, mudded and sanded by Friday, and then I can hopefully get the ceiling painted. Next up – time to move! We’ve already starting taking over small boxes and storing them in the laundry room. We need to be out of the apartment by Tuesday, so it will be another busy weekend of back breaking work!


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