My husband is amazing!

He said it wouldn’t take long, but I knew better. Projects always take longer than you think they will. But in the end, I stood in awe and amazement of how awesome my husband is! I know I shouldn’t be surprised at his capabilities at this point, but he is amazing!

Seth put up two support walls to hold the load of our roof while we removed the original wall and put in the support beam.




Then we took down the wall. Only the two temporary support walls were supporting the weight of the roof at this point.



We built a support beam that spanned the entire 15 ft from the entry into the dining room/kitchen to the far outside wall of the house. And removed the temporary support walls.




Now the kitchen flows directly into the dining room.

kitchen2We have straight sight lines to the front of the house, and lots of natural light!



We will be putting a 6-7ft island in the middle of this space. I can’t wait to have all that work space and countertop looking out through the dining room window into the front yard!

We got quotes for $2,000-$4,000 to take down the wall and install the beam. We managed to get the project done for under $100 in a few hours.

See, I told you my husband was pretty amazing!



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