The First Month

We have officially owned the Steele St house for one month! Which means, it’s time to recap what we’ve done so far. And while it may feel like this project is taking forever, I think I’ll be quite amazed after listing out all that we’ve done!

Week 1 – read more here

  • Tore out kitchen cabinets, appliances and drywall between kitchen and dining room
  • Ripped out kitchen flooring
  • Tore out and donated semi-built in desks from basement
  • Tore out cabinet and tile from main level bathroom
  • Began tackling the “garden” area weeds and landscaping
  • Filed a 30 cu ft dumpster
  • Got quotes for windows, sprinkler system, wood floors and a new driveway
  • And we still managed to have drinks with friends on the weekend! Twice!

kitchen demo 2

Day 1 – So fun!


Dumpster #1

Week 2 – read more here

  • Got more quotes for the wood floors, sprinklers, windows and driveway – also, electrical quotes
  • donated old furniture and appliances to Salvation Army
  • Tilled the garden area
  • Planted some veggies
  • Tore down paneling in the living room
  • pulled out all the trim in the bedrooms
  • removed all the doors everywhere (including the bathrooms, so there is no privacy anywhere!)
  • Tore down the soffet in the kitchen
  • Tore out the shower in the master bath
  • Opened up the entry to the kitchen

garden - progress

From Weeds

garden planted

To a garden!

Week 3

  • Began painting the bedroom walls
  • Decided that the ceilings needed to be done too – so gross!
  • Trimmed some trees
  • Tore out the bushes and dead brush in the back corner of the property
  • Tore out all the paneling and ceiling tiles in the basement
  • Scheduled to have sprinklers installed
  • Ordered windows
  • Moved some storage units from the basement to the garage – set up some organization for tools, etc
  • replaced the outdoor lights on the front porch, back porch and back patio
  • Dismantled the play set to donate to a friend



Nasty Ceilings


Nasty Ceiling!


I guess we are doing the basement now, too! Bye-bye paneling and tile ceiling!

Week 4

  • filled another 30 cu ft dumpster
  • Hired out our first job! We had a landscaping company tear down the vines growing on the side of the house and trim back the bushes so that we can access the windows
  • Hired someone to install wood floors and refinish the floors in the bedrooms – ordered the wood
  • painted the living room, entry, dining rooms and ceilings in each
  • Tore out the mdf floor covering the entire main level and landing area into the bedrooms to prepare for hardwoods
  • changed out all the light switches for white rockers
  • My brother came to help out and knocked down the soffet in the main bath and ripped out the tile floor

Greg helping

My brother helping in the main bath demo

Week 5

  • painted the lower level bedroom
  • some yard clean up and weeding
  • ordered a new front door and front screen door
  • Hired our second job and completed! Electrician put in 8 can lights in kitchen, 9 can lights in basement, and moved some wiring
  • Hired and completed our third job! Sprinkler system was installed with a minor upgrade to include my garden area – thanks husband!
  • took down the ceiling fans in each of the bedrooms
  • had the chimney guy come to clean both the fireplaces – safety first!

Can Lights

Can lights going in the kitchen

Basement bedroom

I’m getting tired of painting at this point – but I also love a freshly painted room!

Next up:

  • We hired a company to come in and do the massive job of re-drywalling our home. I’m so thankful that Seth agreed to hire this out! Could we have done it ourselves? Of course. But honestly, sometimes it is worth it to pay professionals to do what they do best – and to get it done quickly!
  • We are waiting for our hardwoods to be delivered – and then they will need to sit in the house and acclimate for about 4 weeks. Wah-wah! So, that is definitely going to be longer than I had hoped. But – Seth and I agreed – it’s better to let them sit and acclimate longer than rush to put them in and then be upset when they settle, pop, shrink or have issues down the road. If we are going to make this big investment, it’s worth it to do it right!
  • The guy we decided to do the driveway can’t get us into his schedule until August. But that is ok. We are fine with that.
  • We are hoping to hear from the window guy any day now saying that our windows are in and they want to schedule a time to do the install.
  • We have the AC people coming out to service and clean the AC unit in a few weeks
  • Seth swears that the wall between the kitchen and dining room is coming down this week – now that the electrical is moved we can put the beam in place
  • We desperately need to replace the fence – Kirby has decided that a 4 1/2 ft fence is too easy to jump over and the other half is about to fall over with the slightest breeze – so I anticipate our weekend will be spent working on a fence!

Phew! We’ve accomplished quite a bit in a few weeks – not bad at all. Listing everything out and seeing the before and current pictures really helps me feel more positive about our experience so far.



Still Smiling!


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