The Demo of Steele St. – and some progress

Sometimes I feel like the demolition will never end. Each day there is something new to tear out. And while walls come down quickly and often easily, there are tasks that seem so incredibly tedious! For example, the floors in the kitchen. The pergo floors came up super fast. The carpet underneath wasn’t too hard to get out, but those darn tacks and staples were a major pain to remove. I spent more time on my hands and knees with a pliers than I ever could imagine! And then there were two layers of linoleum to scrape up. Ugh!

kitchen demo

Carpet in the kitchen – so gross!


At least we are down to the linoleum – almost done!

In other news, I do feel like I made some significant progress on the exterior spaces. Tackling the garden was one of my first priorities. We started with a rough outline of a long ago garden.

garden - before

Lots of overgrown vegetation. After a week or so of pulling weeds and hacking away at the ground with my hoe, it looked a little better.

garden - progress

This was two days worth of work – ugh! But what a workout!



Finally cleared out and ready for tilling and some plants!

More updates coming soon!


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