From Closing to Demo: Day 1

We had the closing on the Steele St house in the morning. It was also our 8 year wedding anniversary! Closing on Steel St

This is us here with our amazing realtor, Gwen Jasper. We seriously couldn’t have gotten through the buying/selling process without her and her amazing expertise and negotiating skills. AND – she drove two days from Texas to make it to our closing that morning. She’s amazing! We have a joke that we always buy and sell houses when she is out of town. And it’s true! We made an offer on the Newport house when she was in Nashville. She had never even seen it! Four years later, we put the Newport house on the market when she was in Texas. And we closed on the Steele St house just as she was returning from another trip from Texas. Crazy!

A few hours after closing, the kitchen went from this:

Kitchen 1

To this:

kitchen demo 2 kitchen demo kitchen demo 1 kitchen demo 3


Ooops! Literally, in the matter of an hour and a half we had the wall down, appliances and cabinets out, and the laminate floors out. And yes, that is CARPET under the laminate flooring, along with two layers of linoleum. At one point towards the evening, Seth asked if I was disappointed that this was how we were spending our anniversary. I looked at him and smiled. And then he said, “This is exactly what you wanted to do today, isn’t it?” And I just smiled and hugged him. He knows me too well!

Needless to say we needed a dumpster – and a big one!


30 cu feet of renovation debris later – and we still need another dumpster!

As you can see, we will definitely be doing a kitchen remodel from top to bottom. We also will be:

  • repouring the driveway and walk way (cracked and sinking away from garage entry)
  • installing new windows
  • installing a sprinkler system
  • updating the electrical and some lighting
  • refinishing the wood floors in the bedrooms and adding hardwoods to the main level
  • gutting the baths
  • removing all the wood paneling
  • repainting everything

It’s a ton of work, and sometimes when I walk around the (destroyed) house I get overwhelmed. But when we spend a day at the house working together, I am so energized and excited. It feels so good to be WORKING on a house together again. I love the planning process – figuring out the layout, deciding on finishes, etc. And I love working along side my best friend and getting sweaty together as we rip out paneling and tile. It’s just so much fun!



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