Freedom from Money – Checkin #2

As we wrap up week two of our Freedom from Money challenge, I have a confession to make.

I spent $9.17 yesterday. For my valentine. Because he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. And he loves beer. So I bought him some fancy shmancy Colorado microbrewed IPA.

Because this is where it all started – back in 1998 at our junior formal.

junior formalWe were best friends…and then he knew before I did.

love letter


And now, almost 15 years later we love each other more every day (as quoted in this year’s card). My heart melts and I’m so thankful that God brought us together – many times – and for the rest of our lives.



So you can understand why I had to spend a little money on my love, right?

Thanks for allowing me to indulge in some mushy love stuff. I truly am so blessed, and thankful to continue to fall in love each day with my man.

Freedom from money challenge

Bak to our savings goals. So let’s recap my expenses for the past two weeks:

Groceries: Last week I spent $50.58 at the grocery store. And this week I’ve spent $12.72. Granted, I need to go this weekend to get some more fresh fruit, cheese and milk. But I think we are still doing pretty well in terms of food. I feel like we’ve barely made a dent in our cupboards. And we still have chicken and salmon to eat this week! In all honesty, I’m a bit surprised. I feel like the area of our budget that is constantly out of control is the food/grocery spending.

  • Week 1 – $50.58
  • Week 2 – $12.72

Misc: I mailed a package to my niece earlier this month. She needed some new little rubber duckies for her bath time. And I couldn’t resist spoiling her just a teensy-tiny bit. We live so far away and haven’t seen her in way too long. So I spent $7.36 to mail a package (I purchased the duckies the month previous). (I’m a totally slacker when it comes to mailing stuff on time). Totally acceptable expenditure in my book.

Ways I’m Saving this Week: So last week I kept busy with cleaning, organizing, running and other activities so I wouldn’t want to go out and spend money for entertainment. This week I haven’t had that urge at all. This week has been really easy, actually. Call me crazy!

I have been using some little tricks to feel like I’m spending money without actually spending it. I used an old gift certificate to get a massage last week. I desperately needed it too. After starting back up with running I was definitely feeling some muscle tension and it was great to use the gift card and not spend a dime! I also used some money that I had earmarked months ago for a pedicure with a friend. I had given her a gift certificate for her birthday and we knew we would use it to get pedicures just before her due date with baby #1. So we did that last week as our little indulgence. Still no baby yet, but mama’s toes look great!

I’ve been making my coffee at home with our Keurig, but the other day I was craving a mid afternoon sugary coffee. So I used my starbucks gift card. Again, loving using up these gift cards that have been hanging around in my purse for a while.

How are you saving money this month? What’s been the toughest part of the challenge for you? What has surprised you?

We are half way there! Hopefully you can see your savings account bulging at  the seams with all that extra savings!



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