Freedom from Money Checkin

Just checking in after 7 days of our Freedom from Money Challenge. How’s everyone doing? I’m mostly good, but I’ll admit I’ve had my moments of wanting to spend money. And then I STOP! Because I realize I don’t NEED to buy anything. I was just looking for entertainment.

Freedom from money challenge


So what have I been doing if I’m not spending money?

Last weekend I kept surprisingly busy going on a long run, relaxing, cleaning and organizing. I spent the good part of Saturday afternoon going through our filing system and throwing out a bunch of old useless paperwork and organizing all our important documents.

I hit the grocery store for a $50 trip to get some basics. Yup – only $50. It was pretty amazing. And I didn’t even feel deprived. The trick? I went through my cupboards and fridge and took stock of what I already had, and I made a plan for the week’s meals. And I only “needed” $50 worth of food to make the husband feel loved and like I had some fun treats for him.

On Sunday I took the dogs for a leisurely walk, did some more cleaning (it can never be too clean at my house!), and put together a little craft project. I found this fun project on pinterest (duh!) and had all the suplies in the house. I used some leftover fat quarters that I had from a previous project. It took me about 10 minutes to put together and it works perfectly in my purse to hold all my cards – you know all those cards you collect from the grocery store, ulta, panera, starbucks, my eco pass and everything else.

photo photo (1) photo (2)


And when I really wanted to buy something the other day, I cleaned out our closets and our storage area and found some stuff to donate to goodwill. I did make a quick run through of the store, but I left empty handed. Actually, I left with less than what I cam with since I made a donation!

And that’s how I survived week one of the Freedom from Money challenge. Stay busy, do a lot of cleaning and working out. That’s my secret so far!


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