Friday Letters

I make no promises for anything related to this little blog. But I stumbled along this little piece of inspiration called Friday Letters. This is my first attempt, and it may be my last. No promises.


Dear Christmas – It was lovely to have a beautiful tree that smelled of fresh pine, and even have the fresh snow on Christmas. But I’m ready to have my living room back to normal and put away those decorations. Until next year when hopefully I have more of the holiday spirit. Although, I must admit I did enjoy the Yule Log channel on OnDemand. Classy fire on my TV screen with some traditional holiday sounds!

Dear Nails – I’m loving that you are longer and (relatively) stronger than you have ever been. Getting manicures is fun now! But really, I need to do a better job of keep my hands lotioned up to avoid the silly 4 long nails, one short dilema. Ugh. I hate breaking a nail!

Dear Husband – I love that you have been so lovely lately – even when I haven’t. I’m truly amazed at how unstressed you seem this holiday season in comparison to past adventures in retail hell. Thanks! And thanks for doing the dishes almost every day this week. I know it’s not your normal job – but it doesn’t go unnoticed. Or the fact that you pledged the kitchen cabinets – slight overkill, but they look amazing!

Dear Doggies – I love you – so very much. You are wonderful to cuddle with and to play with. But can you please stop leaving little doggie hairs everywhere! I would someday like to wear my black leggings and be able to sit down in my own home without looking like a she-wolf.

Dear Motivation – I’m so sorry that you are lost. I wish I knew where you were. Actually, to be honest I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my new relationship with my sweat pants and the couch. But I do hope you find your way back one of these days. Just give me a few more days of sleeping in, eating smores and wearing sweat pants. Thanks!



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