2013 – Ready or Not, Here I Come!

My SIL asked me the other day if Seth and I were going to make any resolutions this year. I think this is the first year that I haven’t really thought about it. I’m not sure I have any real resolutions. Goals and intentions, yes. But resolutions sound so stodgy and strict and formal. I prefer shorter term ideas, possibilities and opportunities. When I asked Seth if he wanted to make any resolutions he immediately responded “to love you more…but that’s about it.” How sweet is that?! Melt my heart. He’s been so lovey lately – which is a miracle since it’s his busy season. But I’m loving it!

Honestly, I could probably just repost this blog entry from 2 years ago and call it good. It basically covers all the goals that I had been thinking about – except for the running one, still don’t think I’m ready for any 26.2’s this year.

And I suppose I could add some of our specific financial goals, and last year’s idea to try at least two new recipes every month, and to travel more. But really, I think this sums up my resolutions for 2013:



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