Book of Lists – Wish List

I carry around a ratty old pink notebook. It’s holds all of my lists. Lists for house projects, lists for the grocery store, lists for work related projects, and more. Kerri over at Your Wishcake, who is absolutely adorable and has an equally adorably little girl, let me know about a little project that she is participating in. The Book of Lists. Sounds about perfect for me!

And since I’ve been a scattered blogger lately, why not add one more piece of randomness to my little corner of the internet. I present you with List 1 – Wish List.

Book of Lists - List One

Book of Lists – List One

  1.  to start our own family – or grow it from the dog variety
  2. a steamy cup of yummy latte – at any time!
  3. more family reunions with my parents
  4. contentment with my professional/career goals – or lack thereof
  5. more opportunities to flex my creative muscle
  6. to be student loan debt free!
  7. a home in the mountains
  8. endless laughter with the love of my life
  9. to be able to cheer on my nephews & niece at their sporting events
  10. warm summer nights in my hammock

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