Thanksgiving Place Settings

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year – and I’m super excited to have my whole family in town! Since the Mister has to work crazy hours during the holiday seasons, it’s impossible for us to go home to see family for big holidays. So I’m especially grateful this year that my side of the family decided to come to us this year – from two different states! Thankfully we also have the space to put everyone up in our home. It will be the first time that my dad and my brother and his wife have been to our home and we couldn’t be more excited to show them all the work that we’ve done to the house since we moved in over 3 years ago.

The other night I spent some time putting together my table linens, serve ware and table accessories. I want to have a festive Thanksgiving table for everyone to enjoy. I thought I would gather some inspiration ideas and share them with you all.







I’m realizing how much I am drawn to the simple table setting – with minimal theme. I want to be able to reuse my placemats and napkins and serving pieces for multiple occasions, so I definitely don’t want pieces that are specific to one holiday. And I prefer minimal table decorations, because let’s be honest, we need all the table space for all that amazing food!

Happy prep week for Thanksgiving!


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