Meal Planning – Part 2

In my first meal planning post I walked through these steps:

  1. Checking the calendar for days that I needed meals – indicating which days I need quick, no prep meals
  2. I put together a list of my favorite meals and recipes
  3. I created my grocery list by going through my recipes for the meals I had picked out
  4. And I did my shopping (or at least I told you I was going to do my shopping)

So this is how it went..

On a lovely Friday evening, I hit up the Costco thinking it would not be busy and I could glide through and get all the meat that I needed for the month. Wrong. Costco was packed on Friday night at 7pm! Who knew?! But I did manage to get through and get all my meat! Here’s what i got:

  •  boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • Pork shoulder country style ribs
  • ground beef
  • halibut
  • salmon
  • and a large bag of mozzarella

All this for $82.42

When I got home I immediately went to work dividing everything up and even pre-cooking the hamburger and some of the chicken. I cooked up my hamburger with some onion, and my chicken with onion and garlic. I bagged everything in 1 lb bags, labeled and stuck them in the freezer.


On Saturday, I went to my regular grocery store to get all the produce and other items from my list. My trip to the store for all the other items for the month cost me about $130. I’ll still need to stop by to get fresh fruit and milk, but I’m hoping that this was the only major shopping trip for the month!

Within about 2.5 hours I had the following meals prepped and ready in my freezer:

  • Chili rellenos casserole – fully cooked
  • Lasagna
  • Taco casserole
  • Butternut squash soup

To be honest, it wasn’t too hard. And I didn’t feel like it took too long and I really didn’t create too many dirty dishes. I think it definitely helped that I split up the shopping – and even some of the cooking.

Next time I’ll share my list of meals with recipes!


PS – Yes, my onions are in the freezer. I read that chilled onions won’t make you cry when you cut them.


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