The Kitchen – Countertops

And we’re back…

We finally got the countertops – after about 5 weeks of incommunicado from our local big box store. Frustrating. But finally done.


We decided to go with quartz product from Silestone. It’s slightly lighter in color than what we previously had. I think it really brightens the room – and Seth loves the smoothness of the counter. He’s a clean freak so he loves that he can wipe it off and it shines!

Our new “island”

New undermount sink

Quartz from Silestone

so pretty!

more light, more counter, more storage!


We’ve already begun work on the wall. Seth added the trim and crown molding – and I’ve primed and painted most of it. Now to install the light and we’re almost done.

Have a great weekend all!


2 thoughts on “The Kitchen – Countertops

  1. Looks so pretty! I have to agree that Silestone Quartz is the best! We had it installed during our kitchen remodel last October and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Enjoy.

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