We are fine

I’m sure many of you have seen the horrific news coming out of Colorado. The senseless shooting that occurred last night is sad on so many levels. Innocent lives – the premeditation – and the access to guns for someone who has obviously had some issues.

We started receiving calls and texts messages early this morning from concerned family and friends. Thankfully both Seth and I were at home last night – as were my brother and his wife. Right now we are still trying to connect with some friends in Aurora. Just to give you an idea, the movie theatre was less than a mile from where Seth used to work. I just pray that the kids that Seth worked with in Aurora were not in the theatre. We did hear that one of the kids that worked with Seth was there – but managed to get out safely.

Its been a tough summer for us here in Colorado between wildfires, police shootings and now this. I just don’t understand how Colorado is having all of these devastating issues. We live in a beautiful state and we are so blessed. Why are these bad things happening? It just makes me so sad and so mad.



7 thoughts on “We are fine

  1. Glad you’re all safe! This is a tragedy and I woke up this morning to this news and did think “what’s up with Colorado”? Just as you said here… the fires, the shootings, etc. I recently watched a Columbine documentary again and can’t imagine what kind of person would do this at a school or theatre, or coffee shop.. . wherever! It’s mind boggling and so upsetting. Sad and mad… you said it!
    Take care.

  2. I live about an hour outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada and recently we had a shooting in a food court in one of the popular shopping malls. What is wrong with people? Glad to hear you are safe. I couldn’t believe it when I heard what happened.

    • This is to Megan….Megan, one of the women at the Colorado incident was also at the Toronto shopping mall! When I saw that online last night I thought about you!

      • Yes I heard that too. She won’t want to go shopping or to the movies ever again! How awful.

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