Epoxy Update

When Seth saw my results with the bathroom tile paint job, we asked if we could paint the tray or shower pan, too. You see, ours was pretty gross. Just old and stained. And no amount of bleach or elbow grease was making it pretty.

So with the leftover epoxy paint I decided to give it a try. Check it out:

The painted tile and shower pan

The after

If only I had a great before shot of how gross it was. You’d all be amazed!

Wall paint

I managed to paint the wall above the tile, too. Now it matches the other walls and gives some color to the all white shower.

My masterpiece bathroom

And because I love my vanity, sink and homemade mirror – a gratuitous shot of my handiwork!


3 thoughts on “Epoxy Update

  1. Erin, your shower looks brand new! I have heard of using that epoxy product for tile in the bathroom….thanks for sharing the link! Your sink area looks so great too…I love your wavy mirror!!

  2. I was amazed before, but now wow. And for some reason I had not seen your vanity. We have been toying with the idea of making something similar for our basement. And after seeing yours, I think we are going to have to go for it!

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