Gypsy’s and Headboards

When it’s 100 degrees outside, what’s a DIY girl to do?

Head to the basement and build a headboard, of course! And the gypsy’s? Yeah, cable is the devil. I totally got sucked into My Big American Gypsy Wedding. Dumb. But addicting My names is Erin. And I watched dumb TV while DIYing my headboard.

On with the project!

To go with our super new bed (more on that later) we needed to DIY a new headboard. We wanted to soften up the room a bit and do an upholstered version. Here is my supply list:

  • plywood – cut by the guys and Home Depot to our dimensions
  • 2 inch foam
  • spray adhesive
  • cerated knife
  • batting
  • fabric
  • stable gun
  • hangman hanging cleats

This project took very little time at all. And it would’ve taken less time if I wasn’t enthralled by the gypsy show.

Step 1 – Gathering the supplies.

As I mentioned I had the nice guys at Home Depot cut my plywood (I used 1/2 inch) to my dimensions. We are making a headboard to cover 84 inches by 40 inches. I got my 2 inch foam from Joann fabrics (using a 50% off coupon). I had batting left over from another project and used that. And for our fabric we used a painters drop cloth from Home Depot, similar to the ones I used for our living room curtains.

How to cut and adhere the foam to the board

Step 2 – Cut your foam and secure it to board

I used a serrated bread knife to cut my foam to fill the plywood backing. You can score the foam using a pen and a ruler to ensure that you have straight lines. I recommend using very light pressure and cutting from one end to the other in one long steady motion. Don’t try to “saw” the foam with a back and forth motion, as this will create uneven cuts and a lot of foamy mess. Long, smooth cuts will make a nice clean cut.

I then sprayed my Krylon spray adhesive to the board and the foam creating a nice stickiness and then carefully positioned the foam to the edges of the board. If you get a little crooked you can pull it up and reposition it.

Step 3 – Cover with batting

Sorry – no pictures of this step. I smoothed the batting over the foam and around the edges of the board. I used my handy little staple gun to secure it to the back side of the board. Easy peasie.

At this point I stopped to take a break from the tough labor of the project – JOKING. But I did stop to touch base with my supervisors (and the tv show).

And my supervisor

Step 4 – Cover with fabric

After washing and drying my dropcloth, I smoothed it over the batting covered foam and board. I took an iron to the top to get all the little creases and bumps out of the fabric. I lifted the board up on the long side and pulled the fabric around and secured it with some staples. I would move around the front of the board to ensure that it was smooth and straight as I stapled along the back. Then I flipped the board and did the other side and pulled the fabric nice and tight over the board.

To do the corners I grabbed the loose fabric and made a crease so that it would give me a nice clean corner, and pull the fabric to the back and stapled. See below.

Making clean corners

And we are almost done.

Almost done!

I used the hangman cleat system to hang the headboard on the wall behind the bed. These cleats each hold up to 200 lbs. So I think we are secure.

Attaching the cleats to the headboard

Attaching the cleat to the wall behind the wall – comes with a lovely little level

And here’s a close up of the cleat – they literally just slide onto each other from the top.

Lining up the cleats

And we have a hanging headboard!

Now that it’s up in the room, I think we’ve decided that it needs something. We may not quite be finished with this DIY project. It may require some fabric trim, or even some nailhead trim. I really like this one from my fellow Denverite, Freckles Chic.

Headboard from Freckles Chic


4 thoughts on “Gypsy’s and Headboards

  1. Super cute doggies and a great DIY! Our bedroom is white with grey bedding as well, no headboard as of yet although my hubby built our platform bed!

  2. Great job on this! Seriously.. who needs to spend a lot of money on a headboard when you can have something this pretty and ALL YOUR OWN! I love the simplicity of it… but you might be right… maybe a simple little border would be nice. Fabric or nail heads – both good.

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