Painting Tile

More painting? Really, Erin, haven’t we already addressed that you have a painting problem?

Well, let me share this fun little project – and yes, it sortof involves painting.

I took on the task of remodeling our basement bathroom last winter (see herehere, here and here). But I never quite tackled the shower since I didn’t feel it was a priority. No one ever uses that shower. But with family coming to visit next week, it would be nice to put some of them in the guest suite with a functioning and pretty new shower.

It’s not really this yellow in real life

Not horrible

A close up

The tile is in really good shape and it’s nice and clean. It’s just not pretty.

Enter my little money saving solution. Drum roll, please!

My hero

I did some serious research on the possibility of painting the tile. Homax and Rustoleum’s tub and tile epoxy had great reviews. And since this shower won’t be used an awful lot, I figured what the heck! Can’t hurt – and it’s only $34.

After gathering the necessary supplies of mask, gloves, small bucket, large bucket and a paint brush I was set. The product includes a cleaner that you wipe on with a sponge and then rinse off. There are steel pads included and you rub those over the tile and then do the cleaning and rinsing and drying and scouring again. And then again. That’s 3 rounds of clean, rinse, dry and scour. At first I didn’t think that the scour pads were going to do much because they are so fine. And then I realized that it was taking off any and all soap scum, etc. It was pretty nifty.

After a final rinse, dry and a wipe down with a sticky cloth I was ready to get high. Literally. That epoxy stuff is deadly smelly. We only have one small window in that bathroom and it was not enough. I’m pretty sure I killed a lot of brain cells. So word to the wise – get a heavy duty mask or gas mask.

The epoxy is thick when going on. I found it was easiest to paint the grout lines and then fill in by using consistent strokes across the tile. The epoxy is self leveling which is awesome. And it covered our tile in one coat. Although you can go over it twice if you needed to.

And here is our after:

Newly epoxied tiles!

Looks so crisp and clean!

Close up

It was a super fast and easy process. if you can clean and paint, then you can have fresh new tile. I love the results. And so does the Mr. I think he was pretty impressed with my secret little project. And best of all, it took 2 hours of my time and only $34. Much better than ripping out tile and replacing it all!

Have you every used epoxy, painted tile, or thought about painting your tile? I’ll let you know how durable it is after the family comes to visit and puts it to the test!

I was in no way compensated for my review of the product in this post. The review of the product is completely my own opinion based on my personal experience. Homax has no idea I even exist, although, if they find this post I’d be happy to test and review other products!


15 thoughts on “Painting Tile

  1. Wow, it looks so clean and “updated”! Great job. It’s amazing how far they’ve come with those products. Much better than ripping it all out. Especially if you don’t use it much. Nice.

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