Changing My Mind

Dear Husband,

Thank you for loving me – always. I love these home remodeling adventures that we are seemingly constantly on. It used to be stressful. Now it’s fun. I appreciate that we are more easygoing these days and we don’t stress out about making changes to our home.

speaking of changes….

You must be the most patient man on the face of the earth. This month I’ve changed my mind on almost everything. Except you. And that’s a good thing – cuz I kinda like you! I think I’ll keep you.

Things I’ve changed my mind on this month:

Paint color for the Master bedroom: Lots of people paint the same room twice in one day! Right? Apparently I just can’t decide on a gray.

Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige

Behr Ashwood Gray

And I’m still unsure if the current color will be staying for long. The problem is, the wall color significantly impacts about a million other things, including:

Headboard color and fabric: We definitely knew we wanted an upholstered look. But do we go with a neutral beige, or a gray. No, the gray would blend into the walls too much. But beige is so – boring. What to do?

Color of sheets: Again, I’m on this gray kick. So we have gray walls and gray sheets – but they don’t match! They are both gray, but not the same gray. Is that too much gray yet? And before we pick a color for sheets, we should probably have a duvet picked out!

Duvet: My original inspiration was this beauty by Barbara Barry called Poetical.

Barbara Barry – Poetical

But my fiscally conscious self said no. And then I found this lovely on sale. Score!

Urban Outfitters – Herringbone Duvet

Until I wasn’t sure it was a good fit for our style.

So I’m torn – and we are still using our old too-small-for-the-new bed comforter.

Placement of furniture in the bedroom: Do we use our old nightstand? Or do we get new ones? Or build them? And what about that mirror – can we move it to another wall?

Lighting options: I found these adorable lights that would look great above the bed as reading lights.

Ikea Basisk

But when I went to get them, I chickened out and decided I’d wait until later. Until I was positive its what I wanted….will that ever happen?

Actual Mattress: Oh, and this one takes the cake! I was adamant about having a firm mattress. You tried to talk me into the plush top because it was similar to what we had. But I wanted the firm with no plush top.

Yup – after one night I called and exchanged the mattress for the plush top. It only cost an extra $150 bucks and another week. But hey, now we have a new-new mattress.

Wall color for entry way: Yes, you are right. I shouldn’t be painting when I’m this indecisive. Again, a wall that got painted twice in one day. Seems to be a pattern….

Wall color for office/guest room: I’m getting smarter – or lazier. At least this time I didn’t paint anything before changing my mind. And we’ll refrain from sharing the story of how this room was painted three times last year. ahem…..

Wall color for kitchen: Our kitchen is currently two different colors. But honestly you would never even noticed unless I pointed it out to you. Maybe I’ll decide which shade I prefer in the next few months. Because it will depend on the next step….

Countertop for kitchen: Solid surface vs real stone vs granite. What’s on sale vs upgrade options vs durability. Once we decided on the quartz then we had to decide on the color. Oy vey! I need a drink! Three weeks later the order is in and we can’t change our minds about this one.

Silestone Diana Pearl

But the good news is

I choose you every day. And I won’t change my mind on you. Promise.



Your paint brush wielding, power tool loving, indecisive designing wife


4 thoughts on “Changing My Mind

  1. I just finished repainted out master bedroom green and still can’t decide if I want to repaint it! We have 2 sets of sheets, both green, that don’t match each other or the new wall so I understand the difficulty and frustration with coordinating. I love the gray you ended up with! With gray you have so many choices too, you can keep your palate calm and muted or add punches of bold and bright colors and they both look great!

    • Congrats on the hew place0- so happy for you two! I can’t wait to see all that you guys do to the place to make it your home. And good luck with the painting – at least painting is relatively easy and inexpensive!

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