Pray for Colorado

The exceptionally hot weather and dry conditions in Colorado have led to some devastating fires in the last month. At one point last week there were over 10 reported forest fires burning and the state has over half the nation’s forest fire equipment and personnel here fighting the blazes.

Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs

We’ve had several friends that have had to evacuate their homes in the Boulder and Colorado Springs areas. Thankfully everyone is safe and the homes have been spared until this point.

Over 250 homes were lost so far in the High Park fire near Fort Collins. Continue to pray for the firemen and women working hard to protect homes and buildings.

*Our friends in Boulder are being allowed to go back home, although the fire is still slowly growing but away from the city.

To learn more about what you can do to help, visit We will be making a donation to the American Red Cross – Colorado Chapter and to the Humane Society in the effort to assist our Colorado neighbors and their animals.


2 thoughts on “Pray for Colorado

  1. We had wildfires in our area of Texas last year and I can imagine how scary things are around there! I’m definitely sending positive thoughts towards Colorado right now!!

    • Thanks Kasey – yeah, it’s scary. Thankfully we have not been directly affected but my heart aches for those in our surrounding communities. Thanks for stopping by!

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