The other night I woke up at 3am and couldn’t fall back asleep.

Earlier in the day our money club had met and shared our “perfect day,” I commented that my perfect day was basically my typical day. A 3-4 mile run, a productive day at work, and an evening with Seth and the girls, going for a walk and making dinner. That’s my perfect day. And I live it every day. (Note: the only thing I would change is to have my family and closest friends closer to where we live – I miss them all so much.)

But the activity was very eye-opening. As I lay awake at 3 o’clock in the morning, I was overcome with emotion. I am so blessed.

I have a beautiful home. I live in a great city, and a gorgeous state. For all it’s challenges, I have a great job that I enjoy. We live comfortably. And we have amazing family. I talk to my mom almost daily. The same goes for my sisters. And we are lucky enough to live in the same city as my brother and his wife. We are all healthy and happy.

Sometimes we get so “busy” doing “stuff” that we forget. We forget that we are blessed by an amazing God who provides for us and loves us.


One thought on “Blessed

  1. Erin this is such a great post! I thank God everyday for the life that I am living and the amazing people that are in it. We are very lucky and sometimes we need that kick in the pants to remind us!

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