A Sunday Morning Before 8am

I used to be a morning person. Then I got old. I relish sleeping in on Sundays. But this Sunday started at 4:30 am. I had a 1/2 marathon to run.

I hadn’t trained a ton – in fact, my longest run was a semi-painful 10 miler about three weeks ago. In the past two weeks I think I ran twice. Oops. Not stellar training. But when I hit the pavement on Sunday I felt ridiculously amazing! Have you ever run and felt like you were flying? That’s what my race was like.


Running always gives me ample time to think. Often on training runs I’m not always aware of my thoughts. But on race day, I was sure to log away some nuggets to share. So here are some of my random race thoughts for you to enjoy.

  • To the girl in my corral before the race, congrats on getting up so early that you had time to professionally style your hair and do your make up. Me? I barely had the energy to brush my teeth before our 6 am start time. I’m sure you will look gorgeous after sweating for two hours.
  • To the girl that was speeding up and weaving through the crowds in mile 1, I had a feeling I’d see you sucking wind at mile 12. Weaving and speeding up to pass people is always a bad strategy.
  • To the ladies cruising along at mile 5, I truly enjoyed listening in on your conversation. You may have noticed I stayed right next to you for a mile to find out how the story of you moving out from your boyfriends place ended. Running is a form of therapy.
  • And at mile 7, kudos to the ladies who were trying to solve the worlds problems. I agree – if we sent our lawmakers out on a run they’d probably think more clearly about what is truly important and good for our nation. Solving the worlds problems one mile at a time.
  • I wish I could say that I say a ton of cute signs – but there actually weren’t many. But for all those parents out there running, I always love seeing the little kids cheering on their mom and dad’s. Absolutely precious!
  • To the city of Aurora – thank you for the grand entrance into your city with fire trucks holding the American flag over the street. Nice touch – especially as we started our early morning trek into the ghetto.
  • And a huge thanks to the fireman at mile 8. Running through the station was fun – and seeing all those cute firemen gave me a nice boost of energy to run faster!
  • To all those silly runners who rely more on their garmins than on the mile markers, it’s really ok if your garmin said 13.17. The course wasn’t too long – it was probably from all that weaving you did (see above).

And whoo-hoo to me! I ran my best time ever.

bib number: 41
age: 31
gender: F
location: Denver, CO
overall place: 1585 out of 3885
division place: 301 out of 868
gender place: 749 out of 2443
time: 2:04:50
pace: 9:32

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