It’s A Girl!

Baby Audrey

A few weeks ago I hosted my sister-in-law’s baby shower back in Nebraska. We are so excited for Kate and Matt to welcome Baby Audrey in early July – or hopefully earlier! I think Kate is ready for this baby to get here! It’s their first and it will be so exciting to have a baby around again! It’s been a while since we’ve had a baby on either side of the family.

Baby Mama Kate, with me and my niece

Kate new she wanted to use pink and green as her colors – and she loves everything frogs and strawberries. I scoured pinterest for some great baby shower ideas. My mom graciously offered to make her world famous lollipops in Kate’s favorite flavors and shapes perfect for a baby shower. Kate loves my mom’s lollipops so we used them as centerpieces for the tables as well as for party favors for all the guests. There was a cute tag on each lollipop that said “It’s a Girl!” (I wish I would have taken a picture!)

Since we did a Sunday afternoon shower, we kept the food simple and tried to stay within our “theme” colors. We had turkey and cheese pinwheels, caprese on a stick, fruit kabobs (that turned into fruit in a bowl), and cucumber sandwiches. We also had a “Sweets Table” with pink M&M’s, pear flavored green jelly beans, chocolate covered pretzel sticks (made by my awesome nephew and niece), more lollipops, and the most delicious gluten-free cupcakes from Le Cupcake in double chocolate cheesecake and champagne strawberry flavors.

Pink and Green Foods – caprese on a stick, fruit and cucumber sandwiches

Our Sweets Table – with my sweetest niece

Aunt Glenda, Grandma Joan and dear friend Jackie – These Girls were the life of the party = TROUBLE!

The fabulous hostess team

The Sisters – Me, Kate, Laura and my niece

Arriving in early July!

Handmade blanket

My niece handmade this blanket for Baby Audrey – how cute is that! We have a great little craft partner on our hands.

Gorgeous quilt!

The former neighbors of the family made this absolutely gorgeous quilt for Baby Audrey. I fell in love with this quilt and told Kate that I want it when she’s done with it! So beautiful and so incredibly thoughtful.

The Dietrich Girls –
Me, my MIL, Grandma Joan, Kate, my niece, and Laura

The Koerber Girls –
Grandma Donna, Kelly, Kate and Sue

It was such a great party – if I do say so myself! And Kate got a lot of love and lot of great items for Audrey’s arrival. It was a quick trip back to the homeland, but with the baby coming soon I’m sure we will be back in a few months.

I also whipped up a few games for the shower that I thought I would share. Nothing cheesy – just some fun games to get people interacting. Feel free to print them out and use them for an upcoming shower of your own!

Nursery rhyme game2

Answer to the game can be found here.

Mad Libs –

Mad Libs

mad libs – front and mad libs – backpages

Just be sure to explain how mad libs work – not everyone is familiar with the process!

Candy Game

candy game – baby shower

Answers for the candy game can be found Candy bar answers.

Wishes for Baby

Wishes for baby


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