I said no, so that I could say yes

This week I said no. No to a major time commitment that subconciously had me stressing out.

The last few months have been rough – busy, no time, no rest, feeling overwhelmed and acting out accordingly.

So I said no. And decided that taking that 4 hour class every week wasn’t necessary right now.

And you know what – it felt like such a relief!

And now I can say yes to the important things in life right now – like my health, my family and my sanity.

Class can wait. I’ll finish that certificate during a summer course. It’s not that big of a deal to let it affect my health and my relationships.

So with that extra four hours every week, you might find me:

  • going for more training runs so I can kick butt in the Bolder Boulder and Colfax 1/2 marathon
  • doing some DIY with my handsome sidekick
  • exploring the neighborhood park with my furry little ladies
  • gardening
  • maybe even being lazy and soaking up the sun

But I won’t be stressed out or feeling like I have no time to myself.

I said no – so that I can say yes to the fun stuff! Afterall, it was 82 degrees today! I need my vitamin D!


2 thoughts on “I said no, so that I could say yes

  1. good for you!

    once it gets warmer, let’s say yes to an afternoon of the dogs tiring each other out and sunbathing in the backyard.

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