DIY-ing with your significant other

I like to think that Seth and I have a great relationship. He makes me laugh (and cry) and I do the same for him. It’s a great trade off. Not only that, but we balance each other out. I’m the planner, he’s the procrastinator. I love to “get things done” and he’d rather “break in the new sofa.” I’m patient and willing to try anything. He would rather not do anything until he’s absolutely sure its the right way to do it. I enjoy getting lost along the way, he likes to know the exact path to get to the final destination. I’m a “get it done” kind of girl, and he’s a “do it perfect” kind of guy. 

So you might imagine what our DIY projects are like…..

Let’s just say it’s often best for us to work on separate projects. I do my thing, and he might do his. (No sarcasm intended.) 

I think we make a pretty good team – a great balance! 


So when it comes to the third bathroom project in our current house- we’ve teamed up. You might remember the first of the bathroom renovations in this house – read about the final recap with before and after’s here. As a reminder, this project took almost a year to complete. Not judging – just saying. 

And then there was MY bathroom project. I told Seth that I wanted to do it all by myself. And I did – with the slight exception of the new plumbing under the sink. And my project – which included a homemade, customized, built with love open vanity.

This project is a collaboration. And so far – we’re doing good. A little bit of perfection, a little bit of getter done-ness. And I’m super excited to see the finished product – if we can survive that long! 


Anyone else have some rules/guidelines for DIYing with a significant other? 


One thought on “DIY-ing with your significant other

  1. sometimes it’s easier to stay out of the way lolz! I love doing things with hubs because its great bonding but somethings should be in ‘the man’s hands’. No matter how long the project takes, its memories you get to make with your best friend 🙂 that’s the best part!

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