Dare to DIY: Light fixture – project flop

Confession: We’ve been living without a light fixture cover in our basement for quite a long time. This is what it looks like now:

Beautiful, ain't she?

I like that there are four bulbs – it gives off a lot of light, which is perfect for the basement. Here’s my issue – I can’t find a shade, fixture or anything to put over the current fitting or swap out for a new one. Literally – I can’t find anything that I like that would fit the short ceiling space. So I’m tempted to DIY one….

I’m thinking I can build a rectangle frame out of 1×2’s and either cover it with fabric or do a fun jute/twine look. Maybe something like this:

from Curbly

Or maybe like this

Linen covered shade

But in a rectangle shape. The issue is finding the “thingy” to attach to the shade that screws into the fixture on the ceiling. Sounds like I’ll be having a little adventure at the local hardware store!

Update: Spent some time in the lighting aisles at the Home Depot – no luck find the “thingy.” Hmmm, back to square one. Maybe I’ll just have to replace the whole thing…

Update Numero Dos: DIY’ed my idea. It’s a flop in my opinion. Even though I made it with a light weight fabric, I feel like it’s too dark. That and it just doesn’t wow me.

With the light on - you can see the wood supports. boo

It would definitely need fabric to cover the bottom


so so

Back to square one – wahmp, wahmp.

Ever have a project that was a flop?



One thought on “Dare to DIY: Light fixture – project flop

  1. haha! Geez you and I are like two peas in a pod! I just did a lamp shade a few weeks ago and had such high hopes for it and a vision in my head and it was a major diy fail in my book! I’m not even sure what to do with it now lolz

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