Bathroom Update – Tile

Oh, yeah baby! It was a busy week at work but guess what happened this week? TILE. Check it out:

After Seth tore down the bathroom walls

And then we found this "tile" at the store


Which looks like this close up


And this became our inspiration - gray, beige and dark "wood" with Ikea shower curtain


Wow - so much progress!

Ok – so we’ve put up backerboard, drywall, tile in the shower and primed and painted the wall. And don’t forget that light fixture! Lots of work done here. Wall color is the Ashwood from Behr. Love it. Tile in the shower is Rialto White from Lowe’s.

And today I did the tile on the floor!

I LOVE the wall color and floor tile!


I’m tired. Time for bed. Hope you all had lovely weekends!


6 thoughts on “Bathroom Update – Tile

      • umm slooooooowwwwww hahah! But it’s all good daddy’s gotta make that moola so we can pay bills and have money to do more projects! We’re both up to our eyeballs in to-do’s and a jam packed calendar so we’re just trying to fit it in when we’re not completely drained. I told you….you’d be making it past us before long! šŸ™‚ I so miss my bathroom!

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