Tape, Mud, Prime and Paint!

After two coats of mud and some sanding of our joints and corner in the bathroom, I was finally able to get to the fun part. Prime and Paint!

I don’t know about you guys but some of the detail stuff in the home improvement task list often feels like your getting nowhere on your project. For example – tape, mud and sanding. booooring. I like projects where I get to build something, paint something. I think it’s that instant gratification. I’m doing something and then WHAM. It’s different and beautiful. You don’t really get that with mudding and sanding a wall.

So after some serious internal debate, I decided on Behr Ashwood. It’s very similar to Sherwin Williams Dovetail Grey which is what Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling used in her dining room.

From The Mustard Ceiling


Here is Ashwood from Behr:

Ashwood from Behr

And this is Dovetail Grey from Sherwin Williams:

Dovetail Grey from Sherwin Williams


I would say that the Ashwood is a bit more “earthy” with more brown undertones. I think I was too afraid to go with a true grey thinking it might look “blue” in the bathroom. I was also a bit nervous that it would make our tiny windowless bathroom look really small with such a dark color on the wall and knowing that the flooring is going to be dark. But then I thought, hey, it’s only paint and it can easily be changed.

Here is what our bathroom looks like so far.

a better rendering of the color


Painting is so fun!


Our shower tile, floor tile and new paint color

wall cubby


I think Seth was a bit shocked to come home from work yesterday and see how much progress I made in only a few short hours. I’m hoping that by Wednesday we will have tile in the shower! Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Tape, Mud, Prime and Paint!

    • Thanks Elizabeth – its always a process, right? PS I can’t believe you are reading my blog! I’ve been reading your blog for years – so amazing! Thanks for stopping by.

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