Bathroom Update – from Lindsey

Curious how our bathroom reno project is going? Well, all the backerboard is up and drywall. Last night I taped and mudded the seams and corners. Real exciting stuff. Sadly, it’s pitch black in there without a light fixture so it’s hard to show you anything.

Instead – you should head over to my dear friend Lindsey’s to see the amazing tile job they’ve been working on. Lindsey and I have been sharing experiences and commiserating over our bathroom renovation projects. Looks like they have made substantially more progress than we have! And it looks great!

I suggested to Lindsey that we do a house swap after we’re both done with our bathroom projects. She is craving a roadtrip to the mountains and I would love a roadtrip to Virginia – great idea, huh?

Check out her fabulous furniture recreations, too. She’s been featured in a local Richmond store, LeenaLu.


One thought on “Bathroom Update – from Lindsey

  1. Aww you’re so sweet! Thank you so much for the blog love! Don’t worry you aren’t far behind us. We haven’t done anything in there in about a week so you guys might pass us by lol! 🙂

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