Getting Ready for Spring

We have finally had some warm days here in Denver and I can’t even explain how excited I am for spring! I love to have my windows open to let in the fresh air, and see little buds appearing on our trees! Last year we attempted a very small garden and I had a few potted plants and herbs. This year I want to be more strategic about our “garden” and even start my garden from seeds.

I planted bulbs last fall so I’m hoping those start to come up in the next few weeks as we continue with our warm weather. In addition to some spring flowers, I’m going to get a jump on an herb garden. Here’s my list of herbs that I want to have:

  • chives
  • rosemary
  • mint
  • parsley
  • basil

And for veggies:

  • spinach – a lots of it!
  • zucchini
  • tomato
  • pumpkins
  • maybe some summer squash

To get started with my seeds, I’ll be germinating the seeds using the old petri dish method that we learned back in 7th grade. All I need is a ziplock baggie, a moist paper towel and my seeds. Everything that I’ve read says that it is not necessary for the seeds to have direct sunlight to germinate, but they do need a steady low dose of heat. Germination Central will be the top of my refrigerator. The seeds should germinate in about a week and then I can transplant them to these great little containers I picked up at Home Depot.

My little seeds

Germinating on a damp papertowel

Are you planning a garden? What will you be planting? 


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Spring

  1. <3! I'm so excited about having our garden this year! Nothing better than having homegrown veggies. I love squash and zucchini! We have a ton of stuff we're planting this year but we're still planning the actually planning of the garden so we'll probably get on that soon. I am even thinking of canning this year just because I miss the taste of fresh garden vegetables during the off months! I also love herbs! Nothing beats that aroma of fresh herbs! Especially basil and rosemary! Yum!

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