Blissful Birthday and Our “Wood” Tile

We had a surprisingly productive weekend. I say surprisingly because Friday was also the Mister’s birthday. I honestly wasn’t expecting us to do much besides celebrate 31 years of goodness.

We spent Friday morning up in Keystone doing a little snowboarding. The snow wasn’t amazing, but the sunshine was! Gorgeous weather for a birthday snowboarding celebration. It was so sunny they were giving out complimentary sunscreen at the top of the mountain. Bright sun reflected on snow will “tan” your face real fast! But nobody likes goggle lines! After all the stress that we’ve had lately, I finally had a moment of pure bliss while snowboarding down a great run with no one in sight and just enjoying the wind in my face and the gorgeous mountain air. Ahh! It was a glimpse of heaven. For a moment I felt like nothing else mattered and I could just enjoy life.

On our way home from the mountains we took the scenic route and stopped by one of our favorite tile stores. And that’s when the magic happened.

First we stumbled upon some pretty outrageous tile options. And then…this.

Oh, my goodness. Yes. That is tile – not wood.

We are totally going out on a limb here. But this is the tile that we picked for our main floor bathroom. Are we crazy? What do you think? (not a fan of the grout they used…)

This is a fantastically crappy photo taken with my phone – but maybe you’ll get the idea of what we are going for. Dark floors, gray-ish walls, lots of white trim and white “appliances” (aka pedestal sink, toilet, tub, etc) and a lovely light tile for the shower.

More on the bathroom to come. Stay close by as we make some serious headway!


4 thoughts on “Blissful Birthday and Our “Wood” Tile

  1. Yay! That tile is so cool! I can’t believe you guys were snowboarding and it’s been in the 70’s here in Virginia. It’s going to be in the 80’s today 😦 I don’t want to have a scorching summer so hopefully this isn’t a warning b/c I’d love to be in the snow hahah

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