February Recap

Yes, I know it’s March 6th. That should tell you how fabulous my February went. Let’s do a recap of our goals, shall we?

House Projects:

  • Organize Seth’s office – it’s a disaster right now with boxes of crap laying everywhere I moved all the boxes into storage and trashed a lot of crap. I also moved my cube shelving unit in here so he would have someplace to put his wallet, change, etc.
  • Organize laundry storage – I already purchased some new totes to better store our Christmast decorations and other items, time to purge some stuff! This one happened by accident – but it’s done and the storage area is clean and well labeled!
  • Organize craft room closet – same idea, let’s purge and organize – still in progress
  • Recover thrifted chair – yes, the one that I’ve been working on for quite a while….
  • Build a king size bedoh, yeah baby! And this was all Seth’s idea. We already have the wood sitting in the garage!  Let’s call this a partial success. The wood is cut, and now it’s all stained. Next steps: poly and put it together!


  • Find some new yummy things to try! I found some great Food Network cookbooks on the 50% off sale at Goodwill.
  • Cheesey chicken bake It was only so- so. Thankfully, I also made a killer italian casserole – one for us and one for some friends that just had their first baby!
  • Jambalaya (I’m thinking this would be super yummy for Super Bowl Sunday!) Ah-mazing! But I made WAY too much. We ate leftovers until we couldn’t anymore. But it was some good jambalaya!

Miscellaneous: Epic fail in this category…it was a rough month.

  • post about the entryway table
  • post about the mirror re-do
  • post about the bed making process

How did you do on your monthly goals? Hopefully better than me!


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