We’re at it again

I got a scary phone call from home today….

Seth is off work. He called to say that he had just left Ace Hardware and purchased a drywall saw.

think on it…..

What do we need a drywall saw for?

Well, apparently we are remodeling our main bathroom starting today. And he needed the drywall saw to take down the shower tile and backer board.

Sounds fun, right?


Please pray for me. It’s been a hellish past month and my calendar for the next three months is jam packed with work and activities. And now I’ll be remodeling a bathroom, too.

My fear is that I’ll come home tonight (after working from 8 am – 9:30 pm) and my bathroom will look like this:

Photo courtesy of google images


2 thoughts on “We’re at it again

  1. NO WAY! So crazy! I just posted about our first demo of 2012 and it’s our master bath……maybe our hubbies are on the same wavelenght hahah! So cool I can’t wait to see the progress! If you get ready to rip your hair out or anything you know where to find me 🙂

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