Do you live in a barn?

I woke up this morning to this lovely text from my sister-in-law:

“Erin, I have a fab idea! When we move 2 co, lets find an old barn 2 restore & live in it! omgosh. Serious. Where do I get these great ideas?!”

So responded:

“Are we gonna have goats and chickens too?”

And she replied:

“No. Thats 2 dirty 4 this germ-a-phob”

I have no idea what spurned this sudden desire to live in a barn. Maybe it’s the fact that she has three lively children who probably would love to live in a barn. They’d fit right in. Especially since my niece thinks she speaks dog. No really, I love the kids. But it would be nice to send them to the barn to play, right?!

But what if we did live in a barn – like these beauties!


Pictures via pinterest

Would you ever live in a barn?


3 thoughts on “Do you live in a barn?

  1. Yes!!! See where the inspiration comes from? Who wouldn’t want to live in a barn? And, let’s be honest, between you and me and our love of all things that we can restore, I think it’s a perfect fit. If only….I lived in CO!! Love ya, Erin!

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