25 Random Tidbits

Happy Thusday, Peeps!

It’s been an “odd” week and I’ve been having some really random thoughts run through my brain. So I’m going to share 25 random tidbits about myself and my week with you. Enjoy my randomness!

1.I love REAL mail – which is probably why I  like to send cards to my grandma and friends on a semi-regular basis. I know getting REAL mail would brighten my day, so I like to do that for others.

2. I LOVE coffee – especially my latte. But I’ve only had coffee once this week. That’s pretty huge for me.

3. Biggest Pet Peeve: People who don’t put their shopping carts back into the cart corral. Loose carts in the parking lot really make my blood boil.

4. I have the coolest sister-in-laws EVER. Which is great, since I was an only girl. I never knew what I was missing out on, but so glad to have my SIL’s.

5. I’m a homebody. I love staying at home, and even prefer staycations.

6. I don’t really like bananas, but I eat them anyway.

7. I love to cook.

8. I’ve never really had long nails, but the last six months I’ve been rocking some daggers. It’s kinda nice to be able to scratch that itch!

9. I work a full-time job, a part-time job and I am taking a graduate course.

10. I like the smell of my dogs’ ears.

11. I eat kids sugary cereal for breakfast most mornings.

12. I have VERY strong morals – and when I see injustice I get very upset

13. I learned to love roasted brussel sprouts thanks to Ina Garten and my mom

14. I think I have really cute toes

15. In college I dated the “star” football player – and I was a cheerleader. Very cliche.

16. My face is a billboard for my emotions. This can cause problems sometimes, as you might imagine.

17. 80% of the time I don’t wash my face before going to bed. BAD!

18. I’m 31 years old and I’ve never had a cavity. (Knock on wood!)

19. I’ve run 7 full marathons and countless 1/2 marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks. And yet I have a tough time getting through 3 miles lately.

20. I’m more in love with my husband today than I’ve ever been 🙂

21. I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up

22. I only ever call 3-4 people. I really don’t like talking on the phone.

23. I have a hard time relaxing, or doing nothing. Even on my rare day off or a few hours of unplanned time I feel the need to “accomplish” something, to cross something off my list. It’s almost pathetic.

24. I own entirely too many cardigans. I’ve actually contemplated writing a post on the number of cardigans I own.

25. Girl Scout Tag-a-Long cookies are my FAV!




2 thoughts on “25 Random Tidbits

  1. HAHA! This is awesome! Ok so 1-3,10-12,17,20,22,23 & 24. Though I can probably relate to almost all of these it’s the strange ones I love like the dog ears. I love my dogs ears…..they do smell good lols. Glad to know that someone else is quirky like that! Seriously I laughed at so much of this realizing how much we have in common! Pretty awesome if you ask me!

    PS – 1 coffee?!!! You are crazy! I think I’d die ….. for realz!

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