Mailing a Birthday Surprise

We had two important birthdays last month – my niece and my oldest nephew!

To celebrate, I made these super cute cupcakes in a jar. I’ve been waiting for the best opportunity to make these since I saw them on pinterest a while back. And I love the idea!

I used this great link that I found to guide me in my first ever cupcake-in-a-jar quest.

I started by making some vanilla cupcakes just like I normally would. After they were cooled, I took them out of the paper and plopped – yes, plopped. very technical. – the cupcake into the clean jar. I made some fabulous blue buttercream frosting and layered a nice thick portion on top of the cupcake. I added another cupcake and finished off the top with more blue buttercream frosting and some fun sprinkles!

Using some leftover craft paper I made the lid pretty, added some ribbon and a tag with each of the kids’ names. And there you have it – a happy birthday surprise through the mail!

And check out the awesome package I sent it in. I mean, who says a box has to be boring, right? Spice it up with some colorful paper, a fantastic happy birthday banner and some confetti! (I’m sure my SIL loved that I sent her 3 kids confetti!)

The kids also got gift cards to a bookstore – we like to go back and forth being the “good” aunt and uncle and being the “bad” aunt and uncle. Sometimes we buy them the most annoying, obnoxious gift ever – like the Dr. Dreadful Stomach Churner kit we got for Christmas. But since I know they are de-cluttering – and they need a little extra incentive to improve their reading skills – we did books for birthdays.



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