February goals

We ironically did such a great job of crossing things off our list in January that I thought I would sit down and formally write out some goals for February.


House Projects:

  • Organize Seth’s office – it’s a disaster right now with boxes of crap laying everywhere
  • Organize laundry storage – I already purchased some new totes to better store our Christmast decorations and other items, time to purge some stuff!
  • Organize craft room closet – same idea, let’s purge and organize
  • Recover thrifted chair – yes, the one that I’ve been working on for quite a while….
  • Build a king size bed – oh, yeah baby! And this was all Seth’s idea. We already have the wood sitting in the garage!


  • Find some new yummy things to try!
  • Cheesey chicken bake
  • Jambalaya (I’m thinking this would be super yummy for Super Bowl Sunday!)


  • post about the entryway table
  • post about the mirror re-do
  • post about the bed making process
And because a post without a picture just isn’t any fun, I’ll leave you with this

What are your goals for the month? Got any great recipes to share?


One thought on “February goals

  1. ugh! You’re a brave soul! I should and need to write my goals. I am always scared of posting my goals for fear of not getting them done. My goals are the equal to eyes being bigger than the stomach in that my idea of what I want to/think I can accomplish is way way overboard instead of being realistic. I’m trying to work on that though.

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