January Recap

Looking back at the past 30 days – we’ve accomplished A LOT! And managed to save quite a bit of money. I was on a super secret quest to save some pennies this month, and after running through the budget yesterday I think I did pretty well!

We started off January recovering from a quick 3 day visit to one of my best friends’ in Las Vegas. It was Sarah’s birthday – and a great opportunity for Seth and I to make a quick getaway from the crazy holiday season. All four of us went to the same high school, and Sarah and I have been best friends for a LONG TIME. We sang together in select choir (she’s an amazing pianist) and we were cheerleaders together, too.

They are probably the most gorgeous couple you will ever meet – and their kids are an amazingly perfect mix of both of them.

It was so good to see our friends and their kids – we had a great time with them!

In house news, we did a lot of work this month.

  • We finished the plumbing in the basement bathroom – read more about the project here
  • Restained and secured the slats for the bathroom vanity that I built – using my new Christmas gift, a nail gun and air compressor!
  • Repurposed our mirror for the bathroom update
  • Built our entry way table while Seth was out of town
  • Painted the dining room
  • Hung and painted closet doors in the craft room
  • New lights for the living room
  • Sold our desk and chair, old sofa and some other miscellaneous items on Craigslist
  • Bought a new sofa

Here’s a sneak peak at my entry table and mirror

I’ll try to post more info about these projects in the next week or so…

We also tried a lot of new recipes this month:

Not bad for the month of January!

What have you been up to?


5 thoughts on “January Recap

  1. Awesome! I have missed your posts! I thought you fell off the face of the earth! Glad to see you’re back!

    PS – I love your pix! Just a suggestion when you post next time you should choose the mid or large sizing so we can see your gorgeous work better like that entry table 🙂

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