Z Gallerie

I was at the mall yesterday. No, I wasn’t Christmas shopping. I’M DONE! I was looking for a holiday dress for our upcoming trip.

The bad news: I didn’t find a dress.

The good news: I forgot how much I love Z Gallerie! But after looking at all their fabulousness, it all came back to me why I love that place so much!

Check out all this goodness…

Z Gallerie Mimosa Bedding

Z Gallerie Mimosa Bedding, $149

Pauline Chaise in Buckwheat, $799

Angelique Mirror - White, $319

Timber Mirror, $639

I have no idea where I would put this, but I love the chandelier

Eclipse Chandelier, $399

But the best part are all the great gift ideas!

Antler Wall Hook, $30

We totally need this – Copper the Boxer!

Copper the Boxer, $120

Ceramic Rhino, $40

When Pigs Fly, $30

For my Sister–in-law,

Wine Monkey, $12.95

My personal fave,

The Fingerstache Kit, $7.95

Happy Holidays!


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